* 6 Inning Games
* No Lead Offs Until The Ball Is Released From Pitchers Hand
* Batting Helmets Are Required At Bat, On Deck, and On Base
* Catchers in all divisions are required to wear helmets, face masks, throat protectors, body protectors and shin guards.
* The manager and/or coach can make 3 defensive trips per game
* Face guards are encouraged, but not enforced
* Free defensive substitutions will be allowed in all divisions, except as restricted at the pitcher’s position. A player may be removed from a defensive position at any time and may re-enter the game at the position or any other position.
* Ages 10u and up may choose to play 9 bat 9 with a DH or EH
* In pool play, a coin flip will determine the home team – teams that forfeit pool play games, regardless of reason, do not advance to bracket play
* The coin flip will be conducted by the umpiring crew at ground rules 
* During the bracket play, the higher seeded team will be the home team in all games
* Both teams should keep score books and should report the game score to the home plate umpire between innings. Umpires will maintain official game card all games.
* Home team will maintain official game book and start time. 
* Game start time will be announced immediately after ground rules and confirmed with Home Team.

Time Limits

All games will be 1 hour and 10 minute time limits.

If time expires during inning, inning will finish.

Ages                                        Rubber            Bases               Ball Size
10U                                          35 feet             60 feet             11 inches
12U                                          40 feet             60 feet             12 inches
14U-16U-18U                         43 feet             60 feet             12 inches 

10u Special Rules

Pitchers Rubber 35 ft 
5 runs per inning 
1 warning per pitcher per inning on illegal pitches 
10 fielders per team (4 outfielders) 
Stealing home and dropped third strikes are allowed 
Bat 9/10 play 9/10 with DH or EH or Bat line up with free substitution.  Must inform umpire prior to each game 


9 fielders are allowed 
No pitching limit 
7 runs per half inning 
Bat 9 play 9 with DH or EH or Bat line up with free substitution.  Must inform umpire prior to each game             


Metal cleats allowed 
No run limits 
9 fielders are allowed 
Bat 9 play 9 with DH or EH or Bat line up with free substitution.  Must inform umpire prior to each game

Mercy Rule

20 after 1 inning
15 after 2 innings
12 after 3 innings
10 after 4 innings
8 after 5 innings

Rainout Policy

0 games played=full refund minus $75 of tournament fees
1 game played=50% refund
2 games played= no refund
All refunds (Withdrawal and Rainout) Take 8 to 10 weeks to process
In the event of rain or cancellation, trophies and plaques are awarded based on seeding and only if championship game teams have been established.
Awards are only awarded at park

Complete Game Rain Rules, All Games Complete After

All games, All ages- 2 ½ innings if home team in lead
1 hour in time limit played- score revert to the previous finished inning
In the event of rain and if game are incomplete- games will be started over if move to the next day due to rain or weather
No new inning may start after the time limit elapsed. A new inning automatically begins after the 3rd out is recorded in the bottom half of the previous inning.
The official time starts after ground rules are completed- umpires will confirm official game start with home team book scorekeeper

Game Procedures-Pool and Championship Play

Pool games will end in ties after allotted time has expired – pool play games that are tied after regulation, will continue if time remaining on clock

The following Pool Play Tie Breakers will be used for seeding in the championship rounds

  1. Head to Head Play
    (If Only Two Teams With Same Record)
  2. Total Runs Allowed
    (Used When More Than 2 Teams Have Same Record)
    (There Is No Head To Head At This Point)
  3. Total Runs Scored
  4. Coin Flip

½ Point Rule Established For Ties In Pool Play Games

All Forfeits, All Ages Will Be Recorded As 6 – 0 – Any Team That Forfeits A Pool Game Is Not Eligible For Bracket Play

Team Managers are required to verify Game Scores and Game Cards of all games immediately following completion of game. Signed game cards are the official scoring for each game played. Failure to sign Completed Game Card assumes acceptance @ 10 minutes after completion of game